Jimmy Butler Carted Off Court After Sprained Knee, But Not Before Hitting His Free Throws

Chicago Bulls scoring machine Jimmy Butler left tonight’s game in Denver against the Nuggets after suffering a sprained knee late in the first half. Read more…

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Jimmy Butler Carted Off Court After Sprained Knee, But Not Before Hitting His Free Throws

Take Our Word For It: This Is A Cool Highlight

The Auckland Nines tournament is underway in New Zealand, as the top NRL squads try their hand at the smaller, faster variety of rugby league. Continue reading

Smash Two Portals Together, Enter A Glitch Netherworld

It’s the kind of thing you wonder after having too many donuts and margaritas: what would happen if you were stuck inside the two portals that a Portal gun shoots out? Continue reading

Johnny Manziel Hit With Restraining Order; Dallas Cops Launch Criminal Investigation

Dallas police are now investigating Johnny Manziel after the Browns quarterback’s ex-girlfriend pressed charges on an alleged domestic violence incident that took place a week ago. Continue reading

Ice Cold, Sonic The Hedgehog

Exhibit A: Read more… Continue reading

Chinese Runners Revealed State-Sponsored Doping In 1995, IAAF Suspicious

In 1993, the Chinese women’s track team ran crazy; they set insane world records, times so fast, over such a range of distances with almost no recovery in between that, well, they were widely believed to be dirty. The women themselves admitted doping in 1995, but we’re just seeing the evidence now. The South China Morning Post reports on a 21-year-old letter allegedly written by the members of that team, telling how the women were forced to take “large doses of illegal drugs over the years.” Read more… Continue reading

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Is Reportedly Working on Going Public 

Baby diapers aren’t just full of baby poop—they’re also full of money! Read more… Continue reading

No, Honey, It’s Not a Good Time

The Vision is trying to be human. He has an android wife and two kids Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Has Corrupted Christina Aguilera With Her Tongue

In today’s Tweet Beat, Miley got to Christina Aguilera, Kerry Washington wants to chill and Solange holds the key. Read more… Continue reading

Totally 100% Reasonable Mashup Combines Frozen Songs With Amnesia: The Dark Descent

What makes this even better is that the video series started in 2014 and only wrapped up today . Read more… Continue reading