Bill Belichick: "I’ve Handled Dozens Of Balls" In Search To Do Science

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Bill Belichick: "I’ve Handled Dozens Of Balls" In Search To Do Science

Brian Fargo Revives Another Interplay Classic With The Bard’s Tale IV

Now that Wasteland 2 is out and the spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment is nearly complete, Brian Fargo’s inXile is preparing to Kickstart the sequel to another classic Interplay RPG with The Bard’s Tale IV, a sequel 27 years in the making. Continue reading

Ted Lilly Charged With Felony Insurance Fraud

Ted Lilly earned over $80 million in his baseball career, but that didn’t stop him from trying to defraud Progressive Insurance out of $4,600, according to the California Department of Insurance. The Tribune in San Luis Obispo (Ca.) reports that Lilly was charged back in October with three felony counts of ” filing a false insurance claim, filing a false statement in connection with an insurance claim, and concealing a material fact in connection with an insurance claim,” and faces five years in jail. Read more.. Continue reading

Sex Ed Teacher Cops to Fucking Student in Teacher’s Lounge

An Oklahoma woman who taught a high school sex ed class has been accused of having sex with a teen student, including multiple times in the school’s teacher’s lounge, the Enid News & Eagle reports . Continue reading

LaMarcus Aldridge Will Play Tonight With A Torn Ligament In His Thumb

This was the Trail Blazers two days ago: Read more… Continue reading

What to Do When You Wake Up to Your Partner Masturbating Beside You

Sexy pop quiz! Have you ever awoken utterly confused to a mild vibration, only to find it’s your partner taking care of business, solo-style right there beside you in bed? Did you: A) Laugh Continue reading

Dennis Scott’s Young Son Socked Shaq In The Face

I somehow missed this Thursday night, but it’s too funny to let pass by. That’s Dennis Scott’s son, Dennis III, socking Shaq in the face on the set of Inside the NBA Continue reading

Messi-To-Neymar Is As Beautiful As Soccer Gets

Lionel Messi has singlehandedly dominated Barcelona’s La Liga match today against Elche, but even downtrodden supporters at E stadio Manuel Mart Continue reading

ArenaNet Reveals Heart Of Thorns, The First Expansion For Guild Wars 2

The news Guild Wars 2 players have been eagerly awaiting for ages is finally here. ArenaNet has announced Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and expansion pack that takes players deep into the heart of the Maguum Jungle armed with mastery abilities and a brand new profession — the Revenant. Read more.. Continue reading

Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Southampton All Lose In FA Cup

It is time for the wonderful FA Cup, England’s storied knockout tournament contested among almost every team in the country, where in theory a Sunday pub team could produce a run of stunning results and win the whole shebang. But if you look at the list of FA Cup winners from the last quarter century or so, you mostly see the big names you know: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. Even relative minnows like Wigan and Portsmouth were in the Premier League when they won. Continue reading