Rex Chapman To Call Kentucky Game; Prosecutors Decline Theft Charges

The last time you saw Rex Chapman probably was in this surveillance camera footage from September, showing the former NBA shooting guard taking things off the shelves of a Scottsdale (Ariz.) Apple store.

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Rex Chapman To Call Kentucky Game; Prosecutors Decline Theft Charges

Mom Apologizes on Facebook for Shitty Kids’ Rude Behavior

Of the few checks on the unrelenting sociopathy of teens , one of the most effective is the tattling little brother. The power of the squealer was recently demonstrated in Birmingham, Alabama, where it allowed a woman to publicly apologize to the people her noxious spawn had wronged. After picking up three of her children from a showing of Cinderella last Friday, Kyesha Smith Wood learned from her narc son that the girls had been disrespectful, ruining the movie for another patron and her daughter. Continue reading

Burger King Cologne Is Real, Smells Like Tacos

This is not a fake April Fools’ Day joke. You can actually buy Burger King cologne today in Japan. Promise! Read more… Continue reading

Cops: Uber Driver Took Woman to Airport then Went Back to Rob Her House

An Uber driver in Denver was arrested this week after he allegedly drove a woman to the airport, then drove right back to her house to rob it. Cops say 51-year-old Gerald Montgomery picked up the victim on Thursday outside her Denver home Continue reading

The Best (And Worst) April Fools’ Day Jokes For 2015

Ah, April 1. It’s a day where loads of things on the internet will make you groan, cry and smack your face to your palm. Continue reading

Hey Steph, Stop Being Mean To Chris

Seeing Stephen Curry drop defenders isn’t exactly new, but Chris Paul is one of (if not the) best point guard defenders in the league! This does not happen to him very often. Continue reading

Drew Miller Takes The Sharp End Of A Skate To His Face (GRAPHIC)

Skates aren’t supposed to go six feet high, but sometimes when you’re being undercut to the ground shit happens. After getting hit in the face by Ottawa forward Mark Stone’s skate, Drew Miller immediately got up and skated to the bench, motioning frantically. Luckily, somehow, though Miller suffered deep lacerations, the blade did not damage his eye: Read more.. Continue reading

Joni Mitchell Hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit

According to reports , singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was hospitalized in the intensive care unit Tuesday after someone found her unconscious at her home in Los Angeles. A rep confirmed the news via Mitchell’s verified Twitter account Tuesday evening. Joni has been hospitalized. Continue reading

Vincent Kompany Took An Extremely Audacious Shot Today

I could be convinced that this is the greatest shot attempt in the history of soccer. Once Vincent Kompany continued to juggle the ball forward, he had to attempt this, right? You can’t juggle the ball forward 15 yards and not attempt this shot. Continue reading

Very Impressive R2-D2 Replica Goes Looking For Love

Artoo In Love is a sweet little short film about the galaxy’s favourite astromech droid, and his search for female companionship. With a mailbox Continue reading