The Best NBA Media Day Photos From Around The League

Today was NBA media day, a mostly useless exercise where players and coaches trot out the most optimistic of cliches for the season ahead. The answers are so predictable that one blog went so far as to create a media day bingo card .

The Best NBA Media Day Photos From Around The League

Metroid Cosplay Is So Good It Might Be Witchcraft

There are a few ways you can make an impressive suit of cosplay armour. You could cast it. Continue reading

Kojima Is Watching You. Always Watching.

Elvira Trofimova is an artist who has done work for various social gaming companies over the past few years. Read more… Continue reading

Fans Are Remaking Ocarina Of Time (In 2D)

We’ve seen people make static maps , sure, but this is something else entirely. This is an attempt to bring the entire game of Ocarina of Time from the 3D world of the N64 to the 2D world of the SNES (or, well, the PC). Read more.. Continue reading

Lawsuit: George O’Leary Called NFL "One Big ‘Ru-Ru’ Tribe" (What?)

In March, University of Central Florida defensive coordinator Paul Ferraro left the team after barely two months on the job due to “personal reasons,” whatever that means. According to a breach of contract lawsuit Ferraro filed this past Friday, that translates to head coach George O’Leary firing Ferraro for objecting to some deeply weird racism, such as referring to the entire NFL as a “Ru-Ru tribe,” whatever that means. Continue reading

Yes, Even Duke Nukem Is Art

In this case quite literally, as artist Aram Bartholl explores in his exhibition called Hurt Me Plenty, which uses games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom (the name, and the work above, are derived from that game’s difficulty settings) as a case study in perspective and immersion. Read more… Continue reading

How Nintendo Convinced The World To Buy A Weird Mario Game

Gail Tilden used to work at Nintendo. Continue reading

The iPad version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game—already out in Canada—now has a U.S. release date

The iPad version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game —already out in Canada —now has a U.S. release date of September 30. Read more… Continue reading

Luis Suarez Can’t Bite Any FIFA Players Until October 26

FIFA 15 is out already . Continue reading

Okay, So It’s A… Narwhal Jousting Game

Starwhal is a narwhal jousting game. It’s set in an ’80s neon rendition of outer space Continue reading