Share Your Best Tales of Back-to-School Triumph and Humiliation

After Labor Day, students and teachers across the country will be headed back to classrooms for the beginning of a new school year. For some, this time of the year is brimming with opportunity

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Share Your Best Tales of Back-to-School Triumph and Humiliation

The Arrow Season 4 Trailer Is Jam-Packed With Badasses

In all seriousness, who on Earth can stand up to Felicity Smoak and an automatic? Read more… Continue reading

Kanye West Sent Taylor Swift a Cube Of Flowers

In today’s Tweet Beat, Kanye and Taylor continue to be mad corny, Pink clarifies some things and Solange celebrates Bey Day. Read more… Continue reading

It Would Take Until 2067 To Fix Every New York City Subway Station

It’s not just the trains that are decrepit in the New York City subway system, it’s the stations as well. But everything is surely fixable, right? Well, a new report from the Citizens Budget Commission, a non-partisan non-profit, says that really, it is totally fixable Continue reading

How The TV Show of Octavia Butler’s Dawn Will Stay True to Her Incredible Vision

Making Octavia Butler’s novel Dawn into a television show sounds like kind of a foolhardy idea. It’s a post-apocalyptic storyline, in which the Earth is basically on the brink of destruction, and the last humans are offered salvation by aliens.. Continue reading

Cool Pope Not So Cool When It Comes to Transgender Godparents 

The current pope has been celebrated far and wide for being very chill (and telling people not to breed like rabbits), but here’s a gentle reminder that he’s not at all as progressive as he world likes to think: He’s just clarified that transgender individuals can’t become godparents. Sorry, the world still sucks Continue reading

Investigation: Can Cat Hair Really Get Stuck In Your Vagina for Months?

Earlier this week, Michelle Barrow made headlines when she revealed (exclusively to XOJane) that she’d gotten cat hair tangles in her IUD due to both the vigorous thrusting of her partner and the fact that her bed was covered lightly in cat hair. Is this possible, everyone on the internet wondered; Is a hair ball waiting to infiltrate my own spongy orifices Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth Likes to Fact-Check Downton Abbey 

Figures, right? Read more… Continue reading

io9 Newsstand Has One Last Thing To Say About The Hugo Awards

This week’s stories are about what happens to humans when they reach out to the stars, and what happens when the stars come crashing into us. But before we get into the stories… Read more… Continue reading

Man Arrested for Tagging Up Town With Sasquatch Graffiti

The name: Freeman Hatch. The crime: covering a small town in Maine with Bigfoot graffiti Continue reading