DayZ Celebrates First Birthday, Updates Plans for 2015

While DayZ itself will be turning three years old in about a month ( the ARMA 2 mod came out in January 2012), its standalone release celebrated its first birthday just yesterday. To honor the anniversary, the dev team released a retrospective video and updated DayZ’s development roadmap for 2015

DayZ Celebrates First Birthday, Updates Plans for 2015

Hurdler Kristi Castlin Tells You How To Not Get Fat Over The Holidays 

Kristi Castlin is a very good hurdler. How good Continue reading

How One Company Spent Millions on a Gaming Mouse

There’s a room on Logitech’s bright, modern-looking campus in Lausanne, Switzerland full of contraptions specifically designed to torture PC hardware. Continue reading

The Year in Kotaku East

Kotaku East is about one thing: bringing the weird, the cool, the silly, and the fascinating from the far east to you, the audience. There’s been plenty of that this year: the New 3DS. Link, as a girl called Linkle Continue reading

Panthers Beat Capitals In Longest Shootout In NHL History

The Panthers beat the Capitals 2-1 tonight, but to get the full two points they had to win the longest shootout in NHL history (The previous longest lasted 15 rounds). Continue reading

Dead Lady’s Will: Kill My Dog and Bury Him With Me

In accordance with the final wishes of a dead Indiana woman, her 9-year-old German Shepard was scheduled to be put to sleep today so the two could be cremated and buried together—a fate the dog has only temporarily avoided. When Connie Lay of Aurora, Indiana died last month, her will outlined just few options for the care of her dog Bella, considered to be her property in the eyes of the law. “(Lay) made provisions that in the event of her death, she wanted her very close friend to take charge of the dog,” her attorney Doug Denmure told WCPO . Continue reading

Report: Jabari Parker Out For The Season With Suspected Torn ACL

Jabari Parker will likely miss the rest of the season with a ” suspected torn ACL ,” according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. Parker left last night’s win over the Suns with a “sprained knee” after he collided with PJ Tucker. He becomes the second lottery pick to suffer a season-ending injury, after Julius Randle broke his leg in his first game of the season Continue reading

Hatred, Yanked From Steam Just Yesterday, Is Already Back

Hatred, a controversial and violent game that only yesterday was pulled off Steam’s Greenlight service, is back . Continue reading

The Art Of Assassin’s Creed Unity

It’s a busted game, but it’s also a very pretty game, so tonight let’s just focus on the latter with this collection of art from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Read more… Continue reading

The Most Ridiculous PC Monitor I Have Ever Used

I got not one, but two monitors from LG for review last week. One was a specialised gaming monitor. Continue reading