Samsung’s New Sleep Tracker Liberates Your Wrist By Hiding Under Your Mattress

Sleep tracking gadgets and apps can be invaluable, health-boosting tools. The trouble is that you need to remember to use them, which often involves wearing a wristable to bed. Samsung’s new Sleepsense tracker helps fix this problem by hiding the tracker under your mattress.

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Samsung’s New Sleep Tracker Liberates Your Wrist By Hiding Under Your Mattress

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

From the sound of it, some English-speaking Splatoon players are either afraid of or annoyed with their Japanese counterparts. A few even hate playing against them. Read more.. Continue reading

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Announced by Capcom, the newest numbered chapter to the Ace Attorney series takes our favorite lawyer, Phoenix Wright, to a land where there are no defense attorneys and the courtrooms have magic mirrors. Read more… Continue reading

And Now, for Some Chinese War Pornography

Today, China marked the end of World War II with a massive military parade. But prior to the event, Chinese gaming and tech giant Tencent released a five minute CG clip showing off the country’s military might. Continue reading

Hideo Kojima Sneaks Out, Signs Autographs

While Konami is giving out Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain posters signed by … somebody, series creator Hideo Kojima spent the game’s launch putting his name on anything he could. Read more… Continue reading


Akihabara. Tokyo, Japan. Continue reading

TomTom Is Bringing Tunes to Its Newest Fitness Watches

TomTom’s first running watch was a great first step two years ago. Last year it got even better , with an integrated heart rate monitor Continue reading

Key and Peele’s Spoof of Neil deGrasse Tyson Was Astronomically Brilliant

Tonight’s episode of Key & Peele was pretty geeky overall—there was a long sequence about Game of Thrones , which would have been the best bit of any normal episode. Continue reading

Android is Finally Getting a Standalone Street View App

Street View has always been a separate file on your Android device — it even gets its own Play Store listing — but up until now, you got to it through the Maps app. Continue reading

Job Seeker Accidentally Sends Naked Selfies to HR Manager

A 23-year-old Chicago man recently made the misdial of a lifetime when he accidentally sexted a potential employer, sending the company’s HR manager a nude picture of himself. Then, the Chicago Tribune reports , he did it again. Continue reading