Christian Bale Admits That He Was Jealous of Ben Affleck’s Batman

Poor Christian Bale. Even though he had known a new Batman was coming, he was still thrown by the announcement that Ben Affleck would play the part in Batman v.

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Christian Bale Admits That He Was Jealous of Ben Affleck’s Batman

Jennifer Aniston Is a Genius

Jennifer Aniston’s idea for a Friends reunion is a casual work of genius and should be the only option considered going forward. Aniston was a guest on Graham Norton last week when she was asked, for the trillionth time, whether audiences will ever get to see Ross ‘n Rachel ‘n Monica ‘n Chandler ‘n Joey ‘n Phoebe again in one room for an extended period of time Continue reading

This Supercut Reminds Us How Totally Accurate Hacking Was in 90s Movies

So accurate! You know how way back in the 90s we totally hacked things by wearing visors and gloves? Continue reading

Woman Steals Car, Unintentionally Levels a Building

A woman on the run from police ended up taking an entire building down with her when she allegedly stole a car and led cops on a chase through downtown Kansas City last week. The chase began when a cop saw the woman—who has not been named—speed through a stop sign in a stolen SUV at around 80 mph. A witness told the AP that the woman was talking on a cell phone and overshot a corner, losing control of the vehicle Continue reading

John Oliver Thinks Turkey Pardoning Is As Weird As You Do

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tackled the weird Thanksgiving tradition of presidents pardoning turkeys (the things we actually eat during Thanksgiving). Read more… Continue reading

Track: New Beat | Artist: Mariachi El Bronx | Album: Mariachi El Bronx (III)

Track : New Beat | Artist : Mariachi El Bronx | Album : Mariachi El Bronx (III) Read more… Continue reading

The Wrap’s Stunningly Stupid Op-Ed Was Called ‘The Rape of Bill Cosby’

On Saturday, following a week during which multiple women accused comedian Bill Cosby of raping them, The Wrap published an op-ed that can only be (and should be) defined as pure, misogynistic rape apology crap. Then, to make matters worse, they defended it in the most spectacularly obnoxious fashion. Read more.. Continue reading

It Sure Looks Like Odell Beckham Jr. Made That Catch With Three Fingers

If you haven’t seen Odell Beckham Jr.’s insane catch by now, watch it here , but also check out these photos from Al Bello of Getty Images. The details of the whole highlight are beautiful, like Cowboys corner Brandon Carr tumbling out of bounds, the flag on the eventually declined penalty, and the fact that Beckham initially caught that football with three damn fingers. Read more.. Continue reading

Prosecutors Say Police Psychologist Tried to Kill Her Sleeping Husband

An NYPD psychologist who allegedly tried to murder her sleeping husband to be with her married lover also tried—and failed—to pin the crime on a burglar by staging the crime scene, prosecutors say. Continue reading

Here’s Waka Flocka Flame’s Surreal Pine Bros Cough Drops Commercial

The undisputed highlight of this year’s miserable American Music Awards (airing now — Iggy Azalea performed and won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album) was this Pine Bros cough drops commercial featuring rapper/ inadvertent (and welcome) homewrecker / Amanda Bynes collaborator / blunt-roller employer / Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast member Waka Flocka Flame. Continue reading