Pedro Martinez Says His Best Performance Almost Cost Him His Career

Pedro Martinez will always be one of the best interview subjects in sports, so when he sits down for an hour to shoot the shit on Jonah Keri’s podcast , you need to make some time to listen. Read more…

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Pedro Martinez Says His Best Performance Almost Cost Him His Career

Poll: What Is The Best Gross Habit?

The other Sunday at brunch with friends, I caught myself doing something revolting: I was absentmindedly picking at the dry skin on my heels. In public Continue reading

How Not To Reform The NCAA

There will be no new release of an EA NCAA Football game this year. The man most frequently blamed for this is a former UCLA basketball star named Ed O’Bannon, who had the temerity to sue the NCAA and EA for using his image without asking permission and without negotiating to pay for it. Read more… Continue reading

The Deadliest-Ever Ebola Outbreak: How It Started, and What’s Next

Over the last several months, the deadliest-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus has torn through West Africa, claiming hundreds of lives and leaving hundreds more infected. If you’re just catching up with the news, here’s some of what we know about the disease, its spread, and how it might be stopped Continue reading

Dave Dombrowski And Billy Beane Have An Entertaining GM Rivalry

There are few occasions when you want to hear from your team’s general manager. Usually, he’s explaining why something went wrong, talking about how the team’s trying not to suck, or saying goodbye as he’s fired. The best times, though, are in free agency and at the trade deadline—unless your GM’s Ruben Amaro —so Tigers and A’s fans were pleased to hear from Dave Dombrowski and Billy Beane yesterday. Continue reading

Testosterone Is a Billion-Dollar Industry, and It Might Not Be Safe

Say you’re a dude, and you’ve always loved muscles and jumping, and then you hit 40 and your muscles just aren’t as jumpy as they used to be and your jumps aren’t as muscly and also your penis seems to have stopped listening to you and begun forging its own path, and you just kind of want to take a nap at what used to be high-jump-boner-o’clock. Continue reading

Do Not Buy This Patriots-Redskins Training-Camp Shirt

Don’t buy this $30 shirt commemorating a training camp practice with the Patriots, Washington fans. Don’t do it. Thirty dollars! You’re going to spend that much money on a shirt you won’t wear again until you mow your lawn? Continue reading

Wednesday’s game between the Astros and A’s drew a 0.0 rating in Houston and wasn’t televised in Oak

Wednesday’s game between the Astros and A’s drew a 0.0 rating in Houston and wasn’t televised in Oakland. Read more.. Continue reading

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp 12-Pack, Ranked

Last week, I said that the current number of breweries in the United States—we’re up to a bit more than 3,000—is unsustainable, and I was probably wrong. As long as these fledgling operations keep a modest focus on their home markets, there’s no reason we can’t have a German-style system that supports nano breweries all over the place. That would be awesome Continue reading

The Daily Show Takes On The NFL’s Bungling Of The Ray Rice Situation

Last night’s episode of The Daily Show featured a segment on just how badly the NFL has mishandled the Ray Rice situation, and Jon Stewart was left just as incredulous as everyone else. Read more… Continue reading