Watch Live as Anime Characters Beat the Crap Out of Each Other

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Sword Art Online ’s Kirito and Valkyria Chronicles ’ Selvaria Bles? Well wonder no longer as we answer this question and many others as the Up All Night Stream plays mega-crossover fighting game Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax .

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Watch Live as Anime Characters Beat the Crap Out of Each Other

Almost 30 of Your Favorite Logitech Peripherals Discounted

We love Logitech, you love Logitech, here are an insane amount of discounted Logitech peripherals. Read more… Continue reading

Get a Year of Xbox Live for Free with this Xbox One Bundle

We’ve seen no shortage of Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundles for $330 this Black Friday, but this one from eBay comes with a year of Xbox Live Gold for free . Plus, you probably won’t have to pay sales tax either, which puts this one over the top as the best Xbox One deal of the season. Continue reading

Pick Up a Year of Xbox Live Gold for Just $36 Right Now

Microsoft has transformed Xbox Live Gold into a surprisingly decent value with the addition of monthly free game downloads for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners, and you can get a year of the service right now for just $36 . So whether you’re a longtime Xbox owner, or you’re buying a new one this holiday season, this is well worth the $3/month price tag. Continue reading

Texas A & M Comeback Thwarted By Missed Offside Call

Kyle Allen’s attempt to lead the Aggies to a Thanksgiving Night comeback against LSU ended when he threw an interception on what should have been a free play due to the Tigers committing offside—and SEC officials missing the call. Read more.. Continue reading

Fixing Far Cry 4′s Annoying Intros (On PC)

The PC version of Far Cry 4 launches with around 117 unskippable splash screens, subjecting the user to all kinds of ridiculous Far Cry branding (and that of supporting companies). After a while it becomes a hassle, but it’s OK, you can get rid of them. Read more.. Continue reading

Hot Jim Harbaugh Tongue Action

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Quirky’s Black Friday Sale is Full of Great Gift Ideas

You might not have had any items from Quirky on your Black Friday wish list, but if you need some cool gift ideas for your discerning friends and family members, they have some seriously great stuff on sale right now. Read more.. Continue reading

Well Said

Sanchez on the Buttfumble: “It sucked. I ran into a guy’s butt and fumbled, and they scored Continue reading

Mark Sanchez Redeems Himself, Eagles Rout Cowboys 33-10

As his former team continues to be lost at the quarterback position, Mark Sanchez is having solid second act of his career. Given a new lease on life in Philadelphia, the former fifth overall pick had a winning performance today, as his Eagles stole the NFC East division lead from the Cowboys. Continue reading