Abigail Breslin Disses Boybander in a Music Video and Boy Are Teens Mad

Former child star Abigail Breslin, who is now 18 and still here guys!! released a music video this week insulting one of the 5 Seconds of Summer guys, angering the all-powerful Teen Twitter with her off-brand-Taylor-Swift opus. Apparently Breslin—the cherubic actress from Little Miss Sunshine and August Osage County —dated 5 Seconds of Summer singer Michael Clifford (not the Snapchat one) last year. When things ended badly, as they sometimes do when you’re young and famous and often when you’re young and not famous, Breslin wrote a song about how not obsessed with him she is

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Abigail Breslin Disses Boybander in a Music Video and Boy Are Teens Mad

The $330 Black Friday PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation Plus Deal

There will be PS4 bundles at some point in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness that include games like GTAV and The Last of Us, but with this $330 PlayStation 4 , you don’t have to worry about actually wanting all the games in the bundle, and you won’t pay tax in most states. This is the best PS4 deal so far, so unless you really want a white one, grab this. [ PlayStation 4 ] Read more.. Continue reading

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Horny Old Man May One Day Forget Night with Teen Twins, But Cops Won’t

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Burning The Hut Was A Bit Unnecessary, Guys

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Want to Book Hillary Clinton? You’re Going to Need $300,000 and Hummus

The Washington Post got a copy of Hillary Clinton’s contract for a recent speaking engagement at UCLA * through a creative FOIA request, and for a true boss lady, Clinton’s backstage demands are surprisingly mundane. $300,000 Long, flat pillows for back support. A lavalier mic so she can give TED-like lectures. Continue reading

Yup, That’s A Violent Tech Demo

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Police: Mom Accidentally Hired a Cop Instead of a Hit Man

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