Check Out The Box Score Of A College Basketball Game That Had A 91-1 Final Score

The Siena Heights women’s team took on Great Lakes Christian today in Adrian, Mich., and the NAIA squad won out over their NCCAA opponents to the tune of 91-1—shutting the visitors out entirely for the final three periods. Here is the head-exploding box score for this 90-point blowout: Read more…

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Check Out The Box Score Of A College Basketball Game That Had A 91-1 Final Score

Ben Carson’s Dispatches From Jordan: Syrian Refugees Love It Here

Coming off fresh from an incident in which he compared the Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs,” Ben Carson is now spending the week in Jordan , where he apparently plans to make up for his capacious lack of any sort of foreign affairs experience whatsoever with a few strategic head pats. And what has Dr. Carson learned so far Continue reading

"He Jerked Him Off"

There are probably better ways to describe what happened on this play. Read more… Continue reading

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Is Already Getting Crazy Pro Matches

Today in Sweden, the organization DreamHack hosted the first professional tournament for the recently released StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void , and it led to some genuinely fantastic games. Who says StarCraft II is dead? Nobody, anymore Continue reading

LeBron James Beats Nets With Game-Winning Hook Shot

The Brooklyn Nets, who’ve been weirdly competitive against last year’s NBA finalists , went over to Cleveland and nearly took it to overtime, until LeBron went all Kareem Abdul-Jabar on them and hit this gliding hook shot. Read more… Continue reading

Gus Johnson Suffers Premature Gusgasm

Too much, Gus. Too much. Continue reading

Doctor Who Shows Just How Much Hard Work Goes Into The Doctor’s Easy Victories

Warning: If you haven’t seen tonight’s new episode of Doctor Who , it’s pretty heartbreaking. And kind of grueling Continue reading

Porn Star Stoya Accuses Her Ex-Boyfriend James Deen of Rape

In two brief tweets sent Saturday afternoon, porn star Stoya accused her ex-boyfriend, fellow porn star James Deen, of raping her. Read more.. Continue reading

Florida State Seminole Caught By Police

Have something you think we should know? Continue reading

Senior Offensive Lineman Takes Carry, Uses Stiff-Arm, Scores Touchdown

Michigan State senior center Jack Allen lined up in the backfield today in the Spartans’ blowout over Penn State, and the 300-pounder made the most of his opportunity in finding the end zone while showing off some elite rushing skills. Happy Senior Day! Read more… Continue reading