Eye Glasses Designed Especially for Kissing

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Eye Glasses Designed Especially for Kissing

Michigan AD Blames Communication For Re-Insertion Of Concussed Player

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon released a lengthy statement early Tuesday morning blaming “a serious lack of communication” for the re-insertion of a concussed quarterback into Saturday’s game against Minnesota. Read more… Continue reading

Emmy-Winning Editor Live-Tweets Airline Passenger’s Drunken Meltdown

Flying these days can be a very dicey affair—you never know who you’re going to get stuck with on a long flight and the person seated in front of you could end up being anyone—a no-good recliner , or worse, a very, very drunk lady . Modern Family editor and sometime director Ryan Case ended up with the latter, and rather than engage directly, she just live-tweeted the obnoxiously drunk, racist woman’s antics . And unlike Bachelor producer Elan Gale’s elaborate Twitter hoax , Case’s account appears to be corroborated by other passengers. Continue reading

Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah Flagged For Prostrating After Touchdown

Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct Monday night when he went to his knees in prayer to celebrate a Tom Brady pick-six. Abdullah—a devout Muslim who sat out the 2012-13 season to make Hajj , the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca—shouldn’t have been penalized Continue reading

Firefighters Save Tiny Baby Hamsters With Tiny Baby Oxygen Tubes

A group of Washington firefighters who wanted to provide “good customer service” revived a family of baby hamsters with tiny little breathing tubes after responding to a burning home last week. Apparently no humans were home when the fire broke out, but a loving hamster family was trapped inside. Firefighters then found two adult hamsters and their three babies next to a marriage certificate filled out using crayons Continue reading

Modern Family Star Was Outed When He Got Caught Stealing Gay Porn

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson didn’t exactly plan his coming out moment, which involved gay porn, a citizen’s arrest, and his dad. The actor, who is now quite open about his sexuality and married to Justin Mikita, described the painfully unfunny coming out story to Aisha Taylor on her Girl on Guy podcast . Continue reading

The Best NBA Media Day Photos From Around The League

Today was NBA media day, a mostly useless exercise where players and coaches trot out the most optimistic of cliches for the season ahead. The answers are so predictable that one blog went so far as to create a media day bingo card . Continue reading

Metroid Cosplay Is So Good It Might Be Witchcraft

There are a few ways you can make an impressive suit of cosplay armour. You could cast it. Continue reading

Kojima Is Watching You. Always Watching.

Elvira Trofimova is an artist who has done work for various social gaming companies over the past few years. Read more… Continue reading

Fans Are Remaking Ocarina Of Time (In 2D)

We’ve seen people make static maps , sure, but this is something else entirely. This is an attempt to bring the entire game of Ocarina of Time from the 3D world of the N64 to the 2D world of the SNES (or, well, the PC). Read more.. Continue reading