Scientist Has Chill Run-in With Puppy-Sized Spider

Our eventual cession of global dominance to giant spiders came one step closer this month when a scientist detailed his encounter with a spider that weighs roughly as much as a puppy . The South American Goliath birdeater (real name!) has a footlong legspan and two-inch fangs. Its body is about the size of a fist and it is the largest spider in the world— that we know of.

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Scientist Has Chill Run-in With Puppy-Sized Spider

Here’s An Unconscious Browns Fan In The Jacksonville Parking Lot

A tipster in Jacksonville sends along this photo of a Browns fan, having been vanquished by Blake Bortles and the Jaguars and a punt to the face , lying belly-up in the Jacksonville parking lot. Read more… Continue reading

It Took Two Videos To Cover Everything Wrong With Age Of Extinction

I avoided seeing Transformers: Age of Extinction in theaters or on Blu-ray specifically so my first taste of the film would be CinemaSins ‘ “Everything Wrong With” take. Continue reading

Bears Lose At Home; Postgame Locker Room "Ugly Scene"

The Bears lost to the Dolphins today, and they’re now 0-3 at home. Both sides of the Bears sucked: Miami had 393 yards to Chicago’s 224. After the game, the Bears’ locker room reportedly devolved into a lot of shouting. Continue reading

How Homegrown Stars Like Gyasi Zardes Are Transforming MLS

Gyasi Zardes is one the best attacking players in MLS right now, and he is neither a wrung-out superstar cashing in chips on an American soccer vacation nor a USMNT star boomeranging back home for regular playing time. His 16 goals for the LA Galaxy are the most of any American (and fifth-most in MLS) and he’s a big reason why this Galaxy squad is one of the best MLS teams of all time Continue reading

Rams Fake Punt From Inside Their Own 20 Is The Most Brazen Play Of 2014

We already saw the Rams fake a punt return today, but that’s nothing compared to this silly fake punt pulled off with less than three minutes remaining, inside their own 20, and up by only two. If this doesn’t work, it goes down in history as one of the stupidest decisions made on a football field. Continue reading

The Real World Could Use More 2D Video Games

We know Filipe Costa of Pipoca VFX from his work on transforming Pokemon and the original Tomb Raider into first-person games. Now he’s working on transforming the largest first-person game of them all into 2D classics. Continue reading

Desperation, No-Look, Over-The-Backboard Shot Somehow Goes In

Here’s a crazy shot from today’s Union Olimpija-Partizan Belgrade game. Olimpija’s Blaž Mahkovic didn’t give up on the possession, and now he’s a highlight. What’s Slovene for ” Tommy Point ” Continue reading

“Super Drunk” Woman Mistakes Jail For Bar

A Michigan woman was arrested early Sunday morning in a jail parking lot after she mistook the jail for a bar. The Associated Press describes the 39-year-old as “super drunk.” A breathalyzer revealed that she had a BAC more than twice the legal limit. Here’s what happened, according to MLive : Police said the 39-year-old woman pulled into the parking lot of the sheriff’s office … shortly after 2 a.m Continue reading

The Packers Are Laying The Beatdown Of The Season On The Panthers

Carolina-Green Bay is into the third quarter, and the Panthers are just about flatlining. Green Bay went up 21-0 in the first quarter, and have it at 35-3 in the third. Continue reading