A Non-Comprehensive List Of Celebrities Who Self-Identify As Nerds

Celebrities love self-identifying as nerds. They just love it! Put a microphone in front of a celebrity and I’d guess there’s a one in five chance that celebrity is going to work in the fact that they are a nerd

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A Non-Comprehensive List Of Celebrities Who Self-Identify As Nerds

Here Is The Insane Playbook For Jason Whitlock’s "Black Grantland"

Earlier today, we published “ How Jason Whitlock Is Poisoning ESPN’s ‘Black Grantland’ ,” where, among other things, we take a look at the plans Jason Whitlock has outlined for his upcoming site in a document called “The Playbook.” It’s worth reading in full, and you can do so below. Read more… Continue reading

Gawker Northwest Baltimore Erupts as Protestors, Cops Clash; 7 Officers Injured | Jalopnik Jackass U

Gawker Northwest Baltimore Erupts as Protestors, Cops Clash; 7 Officers Injured | Jalopnik Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck | Jezebel Humblebraggers Are Better Off Just Bragging, Say Harvard Researchers | Lifehacker This Video Shows Off the Three Best Ways to Roll Up Your Sleeves | Kinja Popular Posts Read more… Continue reading

NFL Network’s Charley Casserly Freaks Out About Live Broadcast

NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly clearly wasn’t prepared for a conversation about Jameis Winston this afternoon, freaking out about how the questions hadn’t been pre-scripted and apparently not realizing he was on live television. “Don’t ask me a question we haven’t talked about,” Casserly angry demands of host Dan Hellie. Yikes! Read more.. Continue reading

The Angels Could Pay $76 Million To Make Josh Hamilton Go Away [Update]

It’s official: Josh Hamilton is a Texas Ranger again. The Angels will receive “cash considerations or a player to be named later,” or, in the common parlance, nothing. They will also send along an absurdly large amount of money just to be done with Hamilton Continue reading

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Is Having The Worst Month

Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s second season with the Marlins has been cut short. After managing a .182 on-base percentage in 33 plate appearances this April, the catcher lost his starting job to rookie J.L. Realmuto , went on the paternity list as his wife delivered a kid, and was designated for assignment when he came back today. Continue reading

How Jason Whitlock Is Poisoning ESPN’s "Black Grantland"

Two months ago, just after the end of a long holiday weekend, Jason Whitlock convened a morning meeting at the Los Angeles offices of his ESPN-backed black-interest site, The Undefeated, which is slated to go live this summer. Five days before, to coincide with the NBA All-Star Game, the site had introduced itself with a feature story on Charles Barkley and race written by former AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington. It was the first published proof—a year and a half after the site had been announced as a black-led, black-culture-themed counterpart to ESPN’s prestige outlet, Grantland, built around the personality of sportwriting’s preeminent controversialist—that The Undefeated existed Continue reading

I Can’t Stop Drinking This Belgian Armpit Beer

Lately, when I find that the noise in my head has gotten a little too loud, I retreat to a corner of the website for a Belgian brewery called De Proefbrouwerij . I like looking at that clean, white machine, those blue, digital readouts: Something sanitary is being done here, something beyond the sweaty reach of human error. Buttons? Continue reading

Adrian Beltre Sent Garrett Richards An Invoice For His Broken Bats

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre got worked over pretty good by Angels starter Garrett Richards on Friday night. Beltre faced Richards three times in six innings, and ended up with nothing more than three broken bats to show for it. Read more.. Continue reading

How Many Pizzas Should You Order? The Pizza Equation Will Tell You

At some point in your life you will be asked to order pizza for a group. When that time comes, don’t be afraid Continue reading