Cyclist Eats It

A gust of wind pushed Geraint Thomas off the course during this weekend’s Gent-Wevelgem race in Belgium, and he crashed. Ouch. Read more..

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Cyclist Eats It

Listen To These 14 Great Rap Albums From 2015 

It’s not even April yet, and it has already been an excellent year for new music. Continue reading

Blake Griffin Unveils The Karate Block

When you’re a power forward with T-Rex arms, you have to go looking for more creative ways to go about blocking shots. Thanks to Blake Griffin, all the short-armed big men out there have a new move to try. Read more… Continue reading

This might sound crazy, but hear Joe Girardi out.

This might sound crazy, but hear Joe Girardi out. If we want to make games faster, why not get rid of physical mound conferences altogether? “I’m a big fan of Bluetooth,” Girardi said. Continue reading

Important Answers About Dark Souls II’s Expansion On PC

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin launches next week, but PC owners considering upgrading to the game’s DirectX11 version should be aware of a few things regarding save transfers, multiplayer, and upgrade pricing. Read more… Continue reading

Browns Fined And GM Suspended For Being Supremely Dysfunctional

Because it’s only like the 16th most interesting thing to happen to the Browns in the last year, and because the Falcons are being punished —more harshly—at the exact same time, this latest Cleveland mini-fiasco threatens to fly under the radar. Continue reading

The Biggest Halo Cosplay Yet

“I feel like I’m in a spaceship.” Yeah, a spaceship that could kick the ass of many a Spartan. Read more… Continue reading

Shayanna Jenkins: I Have No Idea What Was In The Mystery Box I Threw Out

Aaron Hernandez’s fianc Continue reading

How To Make An Adequate Manhattan

The Adequate Man is almost assuredly a boozer. Most abstainers do so because their sobriety is mandated by either higher-order preoccupations—see Chuck D, Thomas Edison, and Mister Fred Rogers—or legal/medical necessity, as with your cousin Jeff and your other two cousins Jeff. Read more.. Continue reading

Falcons Get Fined, Lose Pick, Fire Guy Named Roddy White Over Fake Noise

The NFL puffed up its chest and released a punishment on a Monday morning, announcing that the Falcons would be fined $350,000 and docked a fifth-round draft pick in 2016 for pumping in crowd noise . Continue reading