Former NFL Star Dana Stubblefield Charged With Raping A Developmentally Disabled Woman

Photo via Getty Per the Santa Clara County DA , former NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Dana Stubblefield has been charged with raping a developmentally disabled woman last year in his Morgan Hill home. The incident allegedly occurred in April 2015 and there is DNA evidence tying Stubblefield to the case. According to documents referenced by the San Jose Mercury News , Stubblefield conducted an interview with the alleged victim, who was applying for a job as a nanny, then called her back shortly after she left under the guise of wanting to pay her for her time.

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Former NFL Star Dana Stubblefield Charged With Raping A Developmentally Disabled Woman

Lionel Messi Takes On Giant Inflatable Demon Robot Keeper

A Japanese Game show recently tested out the “Why don’t you just play with a huge goalkeeper who can block the whole goal?” theory on Lionel Messi. He showed that, even if you get a nightmarish, house-sized Miitomo-looking demon to guard the goal, he’ll still score on you. Here’s a longer video, which features Messi missing a few shots here and there, as well as some horse riding antics after, if that’s your thing Continue reading

Deadspin Up All Night: I Can See The World From Here

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Keep it cool out there. Continue reading

Report: Colin Cowherd And Jason Whitlock To Host All Takes Matter At Fox Sports

Going by the ratings, no one wants to see scuttling opinion-haver Colin Cowherd and motivational speaker Jason Whitlock on their televisions. Despite this, they will be the new hosts of a Fox Sports show tentatively titled Speak For Yourself . Continue reading

U.S. Senators on Track to Spend Least Amount of Time in Senate in 60 Years

Photo: AP Thanks to weekly four-day weekends and a general inclination to do anything other than legislate, The Politico reports this year’s Senate will likely spend the least amount of time in the Senate in more than 60 years. Continue reading

Here’s How The Leicester City Players Reacted To Winning The Premier League Title [Updated]

Okay, imagine what it must feel like to be a Leicester City player—against all odds one result away from shocking the world by winning the Premier League title—and watching the game that does in fact seal the trophy with all of your teammates. Continue reading

Jalopnik This Is The Hoverboard We’ve All Been Dreaming Of | Lifehacker Build Your Emergency Fund On

Jalopnik This Is The Hoverboard We’ve All Been Dreaming Of | Lifehacker Build Your Emergency Fund On a Low Income With a Simple Bill Tweak | io9 Surpassing the Books May Be the Greatest Thing That Ever Happened to Game of Thrones | Kotaku Dark Souls 3 PC Cheater Spent Hours Streaming Their Exploits This Weekend | Continue reading

Here’s The Eden Hazard Golazo That Won Leicester The Premier League Title

Eden Hazard was the best player on the Premier League title-winning team last season, and he just scored a goal that clinched the Premier League title … for Leicester City Continue reading

Report: Former Michigan State Basketball Player Brought Loaded Rifle To Strip Club

Photo: AP Former Michigan State point guard Keith Appling was arrested Sunday after he brought a loaded gun to a strip club in Dearborn, Mich., according to a report from Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ. Dearborn police are investigating but haven’t released any information. Continue reading

Never Doubt Lionel Messi

You’d have to go back a little earlier in the game than where this clip starts to get it, but watching live, at the point where the following highlight begins I was pretty sure Lionel Messi was fucking up: As you can see, the preceding play happened late on in Barcelona’s Saturday match against Real Betis. It was a typical late-season Barcelona performance, which is to say it was stilted, largely devoid of much intrigue, though ultimately fairly comfortable Continue reading